The Ramblings of My Brain

Procrastination is a wonderful thing. Then again, it leads to not so wonderful results. The best reply when friends ask about summer activities is not the following: “Oh yeah, I’ve already got it all planned….For five months I’ll be doing homework!” In spite of the vast amounts of pity and sympathy that reply evokes, a more enjoyable reply is this: “For the next couple of months, I’ll be working on my cornering.” Never mind those corners are on graph paper.

The second thing I have been doing lately has been trying to manage my Mom’s schedule.

“No, no, you totally don’t need to look in your inbox; it’ll stress you.”

Unfortunately, I have been unsuccessful so far.

Prince Caspian came out last night. I was very excited. I haven’t seen it. However, judging from reviews, the movie itself was conscious that it was a cool sequel. The trailer looks sweet, and they upped the special effects. I predict that people will like the movie if only for those parts.

The movie is straddling two audiences: One audience wants to see the book on screen and done well; the second audience wants a second LOTR with action, darkness and romance without glaring Christian references. I think the movie makers have straddled the line fairly well, but neither audience is going to be fully satisfied. The first audience will remember that Caspian and Susan did not kiss, and that the second half of the book centers around Aslan. On the other hand, it’s going to be too tame for people who want LOTR. It’s a kid’s book, people!

However, after seeing all the previews, I have changed my mind. The movie will satisfy me as to accuracy. How often do film makers get the personality of a talking mouse right?


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