Of Wodehouse and Poetry

Hurray for vacations!

We happened to watch a P.G. Wodehouse episode several days before we left. By this rather unusual element of the story line, the entire family was inspired to write poetry to be read in the car. Although few of us finished ours, I thought that these were fitting, if somewhat amateurish, tributes to Wodehouse’s ability to write comic verse.

Ode to that Banana

Banana, epitome of life,
Yellow flesh and slap-stick peel,
Ageless is my happiness
And fruit pulp is my zeal

It follows where ever go I may
In pocket, purse, or glove box
The friendly reek of stinking feet
And shoes without their socks

It tans anew with each passing day
Its peel bursts with heated sap!
Its precious youth at last is past!
My zeal seeps over maps

This banana, of chocolate color
Might have no longer a life
Though gourmands hold that in a dough
It has a bit of bite

Oh mushiness of life and vigor
Of fruit flies that dip and dive
Bequeath to me the life that keeps
So m’y maggots alive.

The second one contains more Wodehouse references, but it is not as skillfully done, I’m afraid.

What is a Mulliner?

Mulliners are men of the highest sort
Who in their affairs, never come up short
For they are followed
And their name hallowed
By adventures of very good sport

A Mulliner is always related
To M. Mulliner, who situated
As a jolly good bloak
Of the taverns long soaks
In the tales of the past tribulated

A Mulliner has good resource
Whether of not he flees a pitchfork
He has a good smile
And eats spinach while
He usually ends up no worse

The Mulliners are always flat broke
(For they are a proud middle class folk)
Often in love but rare
Do family like the pair
So a Mulliner often elopes

A Mulliner is never daunted
Though often his mettle is wanted
Despite what goes on
His manner is calm
For truly his courage is flaunted

Happily, these were not the end to my ability to mull over Wodehouse for the month because my grandmother was cleaning out her house and she gave us several books I had not read. And it rained, and I ate Cheetos.There was peace in the house.


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