Happy Fourth!

Happiness and pie-scent reigns in the air today. Strangely, apart from the siblings nagging me to-finish-USA flagwriting-that-so-I-can-play-LEGO-star-wars, the air of the house is strangely subdued. I theorize that because this is a day a celebration, everyone in the house celebrates by not doing any thing resembling the rushed activities of schoolwork.

Many people in my neighborhood are setting off fire crackers, which is somewhat odd. I had not even seen consumer-sized fire works up close until last summer. Until recently, they were illegal where I live, not that the law stopped many people. Being able to lawfully set off explosions is strange.

Anyway, we have pie, I have someone looking over my shoulder, and I feel unusually happy (not necessarily in that order) as a kind a peaceful atmosphere pervades the household. In August, yet another sibling will desert into the depths of academia; so I am quite happy they are here today. And now, amidst the sounds of celebratory fire crackers, I need to organize a game of hide-and-go-seek. Happy Independence Day, everyone!

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