Time Travel

I have of late discovered time travel. The most telling consequence is this: yesterday, it was July the 22 of 2008. However, the calender in my room reads April 29 2008 today. Thus, I must be enjoying the cool weather of April and not just the blast of the air conditioning.

Another of the more evident results is that I may sit in front of the computer and instantly find myself two hours ahead of when I sat down. On a downside, I do not seem to be able to revert to the time I sat down. The secret to time travel I must assume, then, is the Internet. It has been touted as “progress!” “A tool for education!” I must assume that the education they speak of is the inadvertent discovery of time management and progress is the rate at which the Internet speeds through your available time.

Not only the Internet, but work that seems to be involved in time travel. Absorbing work bends and stretches Time instead of moving through it. Work, it would seem, is not a series of pipes. As I was saying, work always takes too much time for Time to be moving in a steady rate. The difference is in perceived Time and actual Time. Work I enjoy tends to take much actual time instead of the reverse.

The secret to time travel, I suppose, is a change in typical state. Time tends to move slowly when doing something on hours on end, does it not? I recommend you don’t do anything; at least then the day on your calender won’t change.


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