Dish Washing (and other things that irritate me)

What with the eldest siblings gone, I am the oldest kid in my house. “And it isn’t funny, you guys! Come back!” Anyhow, in order to avoid depression and all-that-fun-stuff, I bring you my opinion on dish washing.

Dish washing is one of the great evils, up there with vacuuming and cleaning-someone-else’s-toothpaste-off-the-counter. Dish washing, however, has unique problems. Whereas with vacuuming, you can blow it off for a month before doing a quick job, dishes grow. When I washed several days of dishes while my parents were gone, I quickly realized that the entire house would be much more efficient eating off paper plates and never allowing leftover chicken in the refrigerator, cost-effective too, what with water restrictions. An even more cost-efficient way of reducing dishes would be not to use any at all, and use slap-dash vacuuming. Unfortunately, as I only have a miniature vacuum at my disposal, the job proved to be grueling. Thus I washed dishes.

I have two computer monitors hanging over my head. In the way of cleaning house, I wish to hurl them over a cliff. They sit in my room. In the case that my younger sister takes over my elder sister’s room, she will probably leave all of her furniture in our current room. I find this irritating. I know that Chris wishes her room to remain her own, but let it be know that I wish to hurl all the furniture my little sister leaves behind over a cliff. If you see a cliff, let me know.

Dissections also irritate me. Use paper plates or I will fling a perch at your head.


One thought on “Dish Washing (and other things that irritate me)

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