The Prince Caspian Film Isn’t Half Bad

It seems my blog gets more visits when I actually write on it. I didn’t think I was so popular…

This weekend I saw Prince Caspian at last. Is a result of seeing movies on a large screen that they seem slightly disjointed? Perhaps this resulted from the nonstop action; perhaps it was a result of the rearrangement of the original story; perhaps it was the change to more act-able character development; but as long as I cannot identify the source of this separation, I will claim Prince Caspian to be a good movie.

Prince Caspian had a lot of CGI. It was beautifully done. The sudden influx of centaurs over the last movie, however, was amazing. After reading a WSJ review several months ago, I was struck by how many of the mythical creatures might confuse someone who had not read the book. For clarity, the water thing is a naiad.

My younger sister and I now take piano lessons from Chrs’s teacher. Although (I thought) she is several levels lower than I, she can play pieces that sound so much more impressive than mine. That realization does not seem fair. She has the temperament to practice in the afternoon when there is more time, whilst I feel the need to practice at ten p.m. I am also, currently, doing technique exercises and pieces I cannot play. I hate differences in temperament and learning style. *end tirade*

Also, to cap off my week, I suspect I have another allergy. Not that I know what it is. Things are interesting here.

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