Clearly I Have No Say in the Opinons of Others

Sometimes I wish I could vote. Oh, to have a say in government! Unfortunately all the other people of my age would have a say in government as well, and I don’t trust their judgment. (not that I trust the judgment of half the population today) So while news of Sarah Palin is plastered all over, I can’t have an opinion. No, wait! I can be apathetic!

Anyhow, I have been at home doing science lately. (between looking over my Mom’s shoulder at political blogs) Science goes marginally well, I cannot wait until I’m finished with last year’s experiments so I can concentrate on physics. Physics has a lot of math-ity graphs. In fact, the entire science of mathematics seems to be illustrated by graphs and if you can understand graphs and their equations, you can understand chemistry, physics, and calculus, not that I’ve done all of those. ;D

Yesterday I was hired to help direct parking at a motorcycle race. Many people didn’t need help parking. There was an amazing number of car people and old motorcyclists. From the looks I got, half the people there thought me an adorable kid waving an orange flag around.

“When will humans begin to take people smaller than themselves seriously?”……asked Reepicheep…”Why is it always ‘cute’? Why not ‘courageous, or cunning, or chivalrous’?” 😛

I did, however, gain a suntan that makes me appear to be an active outdoorsman. Unfortunately, as I am not an active outdoorsman, the tan has begun to disappear already. I must get a picture of myself for posterity.

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