Stalked by College Recruiters

I finally got a Twitter account. It sits on the sideboard and looks shiny whilst reminding me that I’m wasting time. Unfortunately, the link does not appear to update more than once a day.

I am doing physics this year, as previously mentioned somewhere. Physics daily takes as much time as my regular math sets take. However, physics, in odd, creepy way, almost seems easier than math. This fact gives me forebodings. My mother, however, was ecstatic when I told her about physics. In fact, my forebodings are due, probably not to the fact that the math may get harder, but that I will need to use a sloppily written book in the future. Last night, I got a glimpse into one of the textbooks used in public schools, and the writer didn’t introduce any topic incrementally. It’s somewhat ironic that many students’ hatred of science is due to writers.

In other news, the several colleges which have my address and phone number are wreaking a merry havoc. Only today, I got (1) piece of junk mail, (1) phone call, and (1) college spam.

“So, have you come to one of our preview weekends yet?” asked one chipper recruiter

“Um, your college is in (distant state)”


“Um, I’m 782 miles away”

“If you’re making a round of college visits you could come to our August 15 preview weekend, otherwise, you can drop by anytime”

“Uh, sure”

“Any questions?”

“Do you have scholarships? (Translation: Pay me lots and lots of money and I’ll come)

“Sure, we can send you info on that”

“Um, ok”

Thus comes the round of spam, junk mail, and happy college calls.


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