Bach in the Chimney

I am staving off anxiety this evening. I take my standardized test tomorrow. Conveniently, I’m too anxious to study. Fear makes you forget the little that you remember.

Anyway, what was I talking about? Nope, I don’t remember.

I was playing piano this afternoon when I heard birds in the chimney. I had noticed scuffling in the chimney earlier and postulated that they had built a nest in there somewhere. Something was singing its heart out. I stopped playing. The room went quiet. Bach rang out over the keys, and his accompaniment followed. I began to play something called “Spinning Song” by Elmenreich. They liked that. Did you know that birds can sing in keys other than the ones they use normally? Somewhere up there, a small bird is singing Bach. I find that pretty neat. The bird could be useful too. Next time I miss my sister, a small bird will fly into the window glass, recover, and blast me with a rendition of Toccata and Fugue. I only wish that I could see the face of the first jogger to be serenaded. Apparently, Bach discovered ways of preserving his work for posterity in addition to transcription.

2 thoughts on “Bach in the Chimney

  1. No, Bach obviously had a cage of pet sparrows he gave singing lessons. 😉

    Prelude 2 (I know that there are several, but it did not have a second name or a number to distinguish it from the other second preludes he wrote.)

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