Yay for Christmas Break!

Happy New Years! I’m finally home from Christmas break. Yay. On my trip I learned that A) if my digital pictures are blurry, I should probably remove the plastic film from the viewing screen and B) I can eventually tire of junk food.  I did then, have a good Christmas. Although I did not finish my sister’s Christmas present, I did manage to lose my notes for the physics chapter I had meant to take the test on. I also discovered that restrooms in Virginia are generally the cleanest and if I fall asleep with any pressure on my eyelids, my vision will be blurry for the next hour or so, despite the valiant attempt of my glasses.

Unfortunately, now that the trip is over, my siblings will have to return to school soon. My mother will be traveling also, so it will be difficult to schedule the college touring trip that I’ve been lobbying for. To complicate matters more, College board lost the results of the test I took in October, so it won’t be easy to know what my options are. Ironically, because my father is an attorney, abet not a trial attorney, my lost scores are likely to become College board’s problem than they are to become mine…unless I have to retake the test.

Life resumed its death grip as soon as I returned home. So I closed my email client and went grocery shopping. Huzzah. 😉

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