I go to school!

I just returned the my second session of my first formal course. I had thought that business was a fairly cushy major. Perhaps it is. I’m scared now. Anyway, even if I do flunk this Business law  course, I will have gained new experiences, most notably, getting up at five to beat rush hour. Fortunately (for everyone involved), I’m not doing the driving. I am drawing little stick figures, however…

JD installment 1

My dad teaches BLAW 2200.

It’s fairly strange being around so many people who are roughly my age. A quarter of them wear Ugg Boots, and three quarters of them appear to only carry one book at a time in their backpacks.

“It’s illogical Homes; whatever do they want a backpack for?”

“To purvey their books to class, Watson.”

I don’t suppose I am the one to criticize their approach, especially since my own backpack weighs thirty pounds (Which does not sound like all that much, but it’s impossible to lift.)

On a happy note, the school has an elevator, which means I can bring a scale to do the last physics experiment. People look at me weirdly enough, why not give them reason? 😉


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