Weather and Non-mood Music

Things have been happening. It was turning into a quite balmy February worth wearing shorts to when, quite suddenly, March proclaimed that it was still winter and dumped and inch or two of snow on us. Our snow even got into a little blurb on the front of the Wall-Street Journal which directed the reader to an even smaller blurb in the general occurrences section inside. However, our climate, determined to establish a monopoly on scaring people with weather, immediately took back over. Generally, the snow melted within two days and the temperature began to climb again. Yay for predictability, even if the sudden change back to normality was unexpected.

I had been too busy being myself to take advantage of more than an hour of snow time, especially as I expected it to stick for a week or so. Despite all this, I expect to enjoy the snow again. I am headed late this evening (or early tomorrow) up north again! Yay! Where there is still snow solid ice on the ground! Yay! For which I still must pack! And abandon most Internet access! (yay).

I am in the hopes that in Massachusetts where I began getting this cold, allergy, whatever, it may finally leave me. The thing has been holding subtly on to my sinuses since Christmas. Also, nasty flu of some sort is sweeping my area. The situation is queer.

In addition to learning law, I have been practicing the piano. I’m not sure whether this is a good thing for anyone besides myself and my piano teacher. In attempting to play the pieces faster and more clearly, smoothness is difficult to maintain. Indeed, on bad days, they might resemble a number in The Phantom of the Opera. Or some sort of Polka. (And next up on WXCGY is “Little Prelude Eight and the Melody of Doom!” performed by Bach to teh Schummanno.) On a semi-related subject is the question of the universe: Why do Hispanic bands use polka to tell their sorrows? It’s bizarre. Polka has always reminded me of the circus, so polka featuring a man sorrowfully asking his girlfriend to love him again seems an oxymoron.

One of my dogs died a year ago day-before-yesterday, so prayer on the situation would be nice. I doubt that we’ll get another dog so that there will be two dogs in the house again, but thinking about it makes me kinda sad.

Anyway, I’ll be back after spring break and ready to handle anything again. We’ll be painting while we’re up North, and, in addition to my books, I’m sure that will keep me more than busy.


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