Deadlines Are So Much Fun

My three month absence from posting was caused not by lack of subject matter, but quite the opposite. I have been to busy to post. I shall remedy this fault now.

Around the time I left off posting, deadline season set in. For example, my immunization  records were due before I could register for classes. This posed a problem in the extreme because I had already registered for classes. Oops. “I shouldn’t have too much trouble with the forms,” I told myself. “You’re not in the state system,” the records lady told me. “Umm, no, I’m a homeschooler,” I replied. “Ah, actually, the doctor should have put you into the system when you were born.” What? Wait. This is sounding suspiciously like the I-don’t-exist fiasco. “Well, we have records, anyway.” Poke, poke. “Yes, Mom.” “Actually, the old medical office trashed most of the records when they went out of business.” “Is that even legal? Seriously?”

To top things off, it turns out that our family doctor advised my mom not to get shots against AIDS because they wore off at just the time one would be most susceptible. Guess what shots the university required? Guess who lost all blood pressure to her head and nearly fainted when she stood up afterwards? (On the plus side, I got to ride in a wheelchair.) Guess which shots were to be given in a series? It was only after I got through it all that I found out that they didn’t really need my forms until the beginning of class. Go figure.

Next up was the deadline for my final transcript. Much hurried reading and speed writing took place for me to finish World Literature. Unfortunately, we had misplaced on of the required plays, and the library did not have it. Thus, I wrote my essay from what I could glean from a variety of sources. I read the burden of a play from an online preview of an anthology and commentary containing the play. The end, which was not part of the preview of the anthology, I picked up by reading the Wikipedia article, searching quotes from the end of the book, and getting a summary from my mom. Some might say that this wasn’t strictly “legal”. I, however, maintain that since we own the book anyway, and I doubt my mother would have bought another copy, this qualified as fair use. In fact, a some of the results of this period are posted in my writings page here.

“How’s your senior paper going?” You mean the one I’ve been avoiding writing for the past month because the books are really complicated and intimidating? The one due in a week? The one of which only three pages out of twenty are completed? “Pretty well, but slowly.” Speed researching ensued. As a result, eleven of the eventual twenty-one were written in the space of two days. Once these were paragraphed, edited, foot notated, and given an introduction and a conclusion, they expanded rather dramatically. Whew. Then he told me he wanted me to come back later and edit some more. Ahhh! I thought I was done!

A suspicious letter arrived in the mail. I bet it’s my roommate assignment. Cue excitement. My mom impatiently watched me try to get that envelop open for two minutes before she lent a hand. Thanks, Mom. It was not my housing assignment. As per missing yet another deadline, I was not eligible for any of the freshmen scholarships. Undeterred, the letter offered me one anyway–with the stipulation, however, that I somehow kept amazing grades while being a tour guide and trying to convince people to send children and money to feed the flames of West Georgia. Do they think I have no scruples, that I would accept money to lure students into–err…ooohhh shiny. Needless to say, I ignored my scruples.

Ok, ok, now they’ll assign me my roommate. It’s July 1, the deadline! Anyone? Anyone? Ok, now it’s July 2! I’ve totally got my roommate…or not. I give up. I won’t get my assignment until the 6th, probably. Poke, poke. “Hi! I’m your roommate.” Yay! Wait, how on earth did they manage to find someone so identical to me, yet extremely awesome and from India? (Hi Alisha!) This is going to be a lot of fun.

And now I plan for my graduation party. It will be great. If the burn ban is off, I might even be able to get rid of some college brochures…

Update: There’s a burn ban until September 30th. Phooey.


2 thoughts on “Deadlines Are So Much Fun

  1. Mom would probably have dropped the play off the list entirely. I suspect Dad might have had me write the report from the Wikipedia article alone. So I scrounged Google books.
    I didn’t think to suggest substitution at the time.

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