Camp Counselor: Pt 1

In other news of the odd and scary, I will be acting as an instructor at a girls camp. Ironically, instead of paying me to teach, I have to pay to come. I’ll say one thing for them: they may be broke, but they know that most counselors do not look on the work as labor, but as recreation. As a Venturing scout, I shall be teaching “Rope Skills”. This is all kinds of awesome until one considers that although I know the knots I’ll be teaching intellectually, I tend to forget half of them the moment I need them.
Another caveat is that I will quite possibly be teaching actual teens instead of only pre-teens as I would have preferred. For most college freshmen, this wouldn’t be an issue. I, however, give off about as much authority and maturity as a fourteen-year-old, myself. Hmm, perhaps I should wear my vast stock of college garb.

Wow! Are you going to East Carolina University?
Umm, no.
Georgia Tech?
No, but–
What about Letouuuurneeeaaa University?
Letourneau, no. That was where my brother went.
So you’re not actually in any of these colleges.
Not technically, but I am–
How old are you?
It’s not polite to ask your elders their…Y’know, I take that back. I am joint enrolled in East Carolina, Georgia Tech, Letourneau University, and the University of West Georgia
Yeah, right.

No, I’m being facetious. They wouldn’t ask about college. They’d go straight to asking about age.

Anyway, as a move to improve troop unity among the AHG troops (even though they assign the troop members to separate cabins), they have encouraged the girls from each troop to wear matching t-shirts and prepare a song. Our troop is very unified. Only my mother and my sister are representing it. This means that it is automatically 89% easier to agree on a t-shirt color. Never fear, I shall join them. I have even prepared a (horrible) song for the occasion!

The Camp Counselor’s Journal

Hey, what’s all this going on in here? You guys should be in bed! It’s really late, and I know its great but the noise is hurting my head.

Why are all the girls still sleeping? I’ve been up since seven! I told you guys that I wasn’t wise to stay up until eleven!

Why is everyone still hungry? We had a super mean! Not frosted flakes or chocolate milk shakes, but delicious, nutritious oatmeal!

Who remembered to bring water? And why forget your hat! Hiking is fun, but when in the sun, you can’t ever forget all that!

Why are you tying up Sarah? That’s not the way it’s done! Knots are good, but perhaps you should not practice that specific one!

Why is the meatloaf glop moving? It’s not supposed to do that! I like my meat, but I prefer my beef didn’t crawl off my plate and splat!

Wait, its Saturday already? It’s too soon to be here! The girls will leave, and I can’t conceive what I’ll do until next year!


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