10 Things That Make Me Happy

Seriously, what makes me happy? The more I think about it, the more I realize that everything that makes me happy reminds me of something. Maybe it's only a memory of the first time I did it, but it's usually an ancient sort of thing (For example–parenthood is ancient. I don't mean you, Mom), something that maybe I don't encounter every day, and something that makes me remember that I'm not alone.

Because He knows everything, and still chooses to love me and send me daily surprises and presents. I know that I wouldn’t be doing as well as I am in school without his help.

My Parents
Because they always know what to say, and they put up with me.

Because it’s usually cool, and it blows my hair around, and generally feels exhilarating. It makes me feel like dancing with it. This is usually coupled with the fall (because it is seldom windy where I live, except in the fall.). I theorize that the colors and the low atmospheric pressure all conspire together to produce some of my general exhilaration.

Bad Puns
Because they remind me of my Dad, and our long drives back from the University. It was a happy time. We would tell each other related puns, and the first one to be at a lose for words was the loser. (I nearly *always* lost.) (This along with whistling–because I always think it’s my Dad.)

Because they’re not afraid to speak their mind, but their minds are (generally) clean. They have great imaginations, and are very original. They have big ambitions, and no one is a stranger. To top it off, they are very often cute.

Raindrops on My Window
Because it’s so soporific. It reminds me that I am cozily in a building or shelter of some sort. Generally, when I listen to it, I’m done working for the day, and I can relax. It also cuts out on background noises.

Train Whistles in the Night
For a long while, they were a very lonely sound for me. Then, my Mom told me how she used to listen to them, and it was a regular, secure sort of sound. After I began going to college, it began to remind me of the days when I, too, used to sit in bed and listen to the trains late at night.

Puzzles and Problems
The act of solving a problem can be frustrating, but when I have a variety of methods for finding the solution, I begin to enjoy the thrill of the chase. The second-best thing about problem-solving is the solution. I love absolutes, so when I find one, even in pre-formulated problems, it makes me very happy because it reminds me that there *is* order in the universe.

Biking produces wind (See 3.). However, it’s not merely that. Driving produces wind. There’s something about going fast under ones own power, with little protection, and little machine, that feels so much better than driving. Then there’s the scenery. Then there’s the excuse to eat large amounts or mm’s, raisins, peanuts, and Gatorade, all while being very much outside (another favorite).

Because I can pretend that I’m somewhere else. I don’t have to be in a dorm where everyone is hell-bent on partying through college. I can get my euphoria in (God), books and creative writing. I can do silly things and no one will ever know. It’s all the fun of traveling the world with little of the time, jet-lag, and cost.

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