Happy Birthday, Ninjafrog!

Dear Ninjafrog, I don’t remember the day you were born. I don’t remember your first birthday or your first camping trip or many of your most important

moments. I do remember how excited you used to get over desserts, dad getting home, dogs, fire engines and your birthday. I admire how you used to focus on your work until you had struggled through it all–and you still do. And I admire how even in the depths of despair, you never. give. up. I am amazed by how brilliant you are when you do math, navigate, talk about camping, or tell me about power tools. I am also amazed by how absolutely hilarious you are when you tell jokes or play pranks–even when I don’t get them. I cherish how you keep me company when I’m writing, even if you don’t like my stories, and how you comforted me the night Papa died, right after I tried to comfort you. So, Ninjafrog, I wanted to thank you. For standing up to your weaknesses, for being a role model to me, and for being my brother.

Happy Birthday, dude.


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