Whilst in preparation for camp I discovered that I had somehow bypassed an essential girlhood rite of passage, that is, the swap. I will explain. When a girl goes to camp nowadays, she is expected to glue bits of ribbon, felt, foam, and beadwork to a safety pin and trade it with other girls. It’s supposed to be some sort of female bonding exercise. In the spirit of tradition, I made some swaps. Here’s how you can get in on the system too. Continue reading


Camp Counselor: Pt 1

In other news of the odd and scary, I will be acting as an instructor at a girls camp. Ironically, instead of paying me to teach, I have to pay to come. I’ll say one thing for them: they may be broke, but they know that most counselors do not look on the work as labor, but as recreation. As a Venturing scout, I shall be teaching “Rope Skills”. This is all kinds of awesome until one considers that although I know the knots I’ll be teaching intellectually, I tend to forget half of them the moment I need them. Continue reading

Planned Chaos

I will begin with the inevitable plea to anyone who is able to vote. Please… 😦

Now then, I would like to spend an entire post trying to steal your vote. However, it is election day and most of the US has already voted. Go vote; shoo!

I took the PSAT several weeks ago. It was very traumatic. Because the school didn’t have me on record, they didn’t have assigned seating for me. I had to sit in the corner and smell the cafeteria ladies making pizza. Despite my fear on the day before and my subsequent massive panics, I am fairly sure that I did well. My mother is laughing.

My dad has proclaimed that the house is to be clean. It is so. Sort of. My younger sister has taken advantage of the opportunity to have a clean room all to herself by contracting a fever. Little did she know that the vacant bed in my brother’s room is far more comfortable than my own. Ignorant of this information, I put off going to bed an hour to memorize Morse code for an upcoming campout.

This upcoming campout was to be the epitome of planned perfection. Because our trips are often canceled, the Venturing crew made up lists of the people coming, their phone numbers, who was riding with whom, and our activities. We were going to teach the older girls from the local AHG troop how to tie knots, signal Morse code, make fires, follow a compass, cook over a campfire, build shelters; and last, but surely not least, we were going to do team building COPE activities with them. We had this all planned out. We then discovered that the leader in charge had forgotten to schedule and reserve spots for the girls to do COPE. Ducky. This didn’t dissolve our plans, but it sure made it harder for us teach the girls. Gah!

Anyway, I’m learning Morse code, fire lays, knots, how to make shelters, and picking out easy camping food recipes. I thought that becoming the president of the Venturing crew would cause more planning to be done and fewer under-planned trips to be had. It has accomplished that, I suppose, but I happen to be doing a whole lot of the planning.