Half a Semester of Insanity and Other Matters

I finally made it to college. “Yes!” I cheered wildly. “Now I can finally be a real¬†scholar and learn interesting things that I wouldn’t be able to learn without a teacher. I will study like those in the days of yore, where it was commonplace to enter college at fifteen and graduate at nineteen.” Then I discovered that whatever my ambitions, these surely weren’t the ambitions of 50% of the college campus. As follows are the disappointing and long-resisted lessons I learned as a result, or if you prefer, a warning to the wise would-be student. Continue reading


The Great College Count

After my siblings went off to college, we entered their rooms and cleared out living-space. The rooms were swamped in college solicitations. So I decided to conduct an experiment. I kept every single piece of college (E)mail I received. At the end of my own college search I would count them, announce the results, and have a big bonfire. Last week I completed orientation at the college of my choice. Two days before that (3/11/10) I counted what I had and took note. Unfortunately, the bonfire does not appear to be forthcoming. Continue reading

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

Well, Thursday at midnight, with a rather larger amount of people than I would have guessed unless I had thought about it, I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. I think that the movie was anticipated enough for me to review it to the third of the population that didn’t go see it within the first few days.

The plot. needed some work. No seriously, I really liked the beginning of the movie, not the introduction–that had almost nothing to do with the rest of the movie; the writers needed to connect the two more closely. The second scene, however, was in the character of the first two movies: it was violent, sure, but it looked really cool. The rest of the movie, to be honest, lost the happiness of the first movie; it was rather depressing. The trailers looked pretty cool, didn’t they? Violent but cool. The entire movie is people fighting; it got boring. What did keep me attentive was trying to figure out the dozen or so deals which the characters make; I eventually decided that they didn’t matter too much because nobody honored them anyway. They also stuck in a lot of weird theology about the “heathen gods” as well as an actual “god,” which really wasn’t necessary. The music wasn’t even that great, and the stuff that was, originated at the first too movies. So, over all, I hate to say, it’s a letdown. What’s worse is they could have done about three different endings that would have been better than the one they have. Several of the characters were slightly out of character toward the end, but that’s okay because the plot there also had some rather large holes. I think they had several screen writers playing with it, which may be one reason it’s not very good. I would rate it about a 3/5 at most.

Phantom of the Opera

I saw The Phantom of the Opera this weekend. Hmmm… It had great singing and an interesting plot; but if you think of it, it was really semi-mediocre. The genius villain wanna-be hero The Phantom very un-ingeniously messes up his chances with Christine when he goes about yelling at her. The owners of the opera house aren’t the brightest bulbs either. I could say one or two things about how gullible Christine is, but I will not. No, the real pain-in-the-neck comes when you look at their costuming. Why do the main characters/performers have to go about in immodest stuff? It disgusts me. Fun facts about the Phantom’s disfigurement: firstly, it is not all that bad; secondly, the masks he wears to hide it cover different areas. He wears a mask that covers from his nose upward, but later one that covers from his eyes downward. Then, when the mask is removed, suddenly the entire right side of his face is messed up, his previously perfectly smoothed out hair does an Albert Einstein imitation, and those present gasp in horror. Whhhhaaattt?

Later we saw The Return of the King again. Ahhhhhhgggg; they messed up the part about Faramir! (in the last movie) (only slightly in this one) Faramir is one of my favorite minor characters. (his simularity in the book to Robin Hood has a whole lot to do with it)

About me? Whaaa! I miss my brother! But yeah, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, the grass is green……and I have a math test. So long!

Star Treck and LOTR

So, I’m sitting here thinking (and battling a bout of writer’s block) and reflect “You know, a lot a people imitate LOTR.”
I mean, think about it; it only became a really big hit when someone(s) smart in the movie industry found the book and said,
“Hey, this Tolkien character could write! Let’s make a movie!” It’s funny, my sister informs me that LOTR, for a while, was only for weird fanatics–it is still only weird fanatics who are into it, there are just more of them. Continue reading

Review of The Return of the King

In this post I will review the third and last part of the Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. Prepare yourself for ummm…textic scenes.

Spoilers ahead

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Greetings and salutations from me……. Hello! Yes, I am finally back. It was a long, tedious journey, fraught with dog breath and potato chip crumbs, but I am here, and alive to tell the tale. I am going to review two movies I saw in December/January.

Warning! Spoilers for POTC 2 and LOTR TT ahead

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