Ivanhoe- a romance by Sir. Walter Scott
a report by: Joanna D. 3/15/06

Ivanhoe is the story of a young Saxon, his adventures, and finally his marriage to his beloved Rowena.

Ivanhoe is disinherited by his father when he wants to marry his lovely second cousin who is of royal blood. His father, Cedric has forbidden it as he has plans of marrying his ward to Athelstane, another Saxon royalty, and reviving the royal line. Going to the Holy land with the crusaders, Ivanhoe becomes a great knight and King Richard`s friend. He returns, and saves the life of Isaac, a rich Jew. Isaac feels so beholden to him that he lends him a horse and armor. Fighting in a tournament incognito, Ivanhoe wins a prize: however, he is forced to have his helmet removed to receive it. When it is removed , he is revealed to Cedric, Rowena, Athelstane and every one else, including Isaac and his lovely daughter Rebecca. Shortly afterwards he faints from loss of blood, and Rebecca, who practices medicine, nurses him.

Returning from the tournament, Cedric, Athelstane, Rowena, Gurth (a herdsman who was captured after running away to help Ivanhoe), and Wamba (Cedric`s jester), meet Isaac, Rowena, and Ivanhoe, who is out of sight on a stretcher. Unbeknownst to all of them, De Bracy,who fell in love with Rowena at the tournament, Brian de Bois-Guilbert, who is in love with Rebecca, and henchmen are heading forth to kidnap them. They are all captured and imprisoned in a castle, except for Wamba and Gurth.

Escaping, they encounter Robin Hood, who decides to help them. Robin Hood rounds up his gang, including Friar Tuck, who has been partying all night with King Richard.Cedric escapes from the castle with Wamba`s help, on the way encountering an ally who promises to help. Robin Hood besieges the castle, and the ally sets it on fire. All the kidnaped people are saved, although Rebecca is taken by Bois-Guilbert, and Athelstane gets struck on the head with a sword.
Rebecca is discovered in Bois-Guilbert`s possession, and put on trial for “bewitching” him. To save herself, Rebecca demands a champion. Cedric, Rowena, Ivanhoe, and King Richard return to Athelstane`s castle for his funeral. Ivanhoe is reconciled to his father. Once there, they find that the blow did not kill Athelstane. Athelstane now refuses to marry Rowena. Ivanhoe receives a message and rushes off to fight Bois-Guilbert; during the match Guilbert dies from the stress of the situation. Rebecca goes free.

King Richard returns to the throne, urging Cedric to grant Ivanhoe permission to marry Rowena. Cedric, having no hope of putting a Saxon on the throne with King Richard ruling, consents to the marriage. Gurth (now a free man) and Wamba serve Ivanhoe. Isaac and his daughter leave for Spain, and Ivanhoe rises in King Richard`s service.

About the title: Romance used to mean adventure, probably including love scenes, (which is probably how the name got switched!)