The Castle at Exeter

Heya! If you are viewing this page, then it probably means that you are already (or about to be) privy to my wild dreams of becoming a published  part-time author.

The story presently on the cutting board is called The Castle at Exeter. It is loosely based on the events which took place in Exeter (somewhat near Cornwall) from the fall of 876 through the spring of 877. It is told mainly from the perspective of a young page named Immanuel who falls into the midst a battle for the town of Exeter. The story involves a druid, knights, a band of robbers, a Saxon pirate, and scores of Viking ships.

I do not wish to join the legions of horrible imitators of LOTR, so I want to  pay especial attention to historical accuracy. This is not fantasy. However, because this is a very early draft, and because I began it after reading “Knights of the Silver Shield,” there are many glaring historical inaccuracies. These include, but are  not limited to, the time frame; unhistorical phrases, garments, and names; the existence of druids, pythons, and castles in England at that period; and feats defying the laws of physics. Worry not; I will reconcile all of these faults.

The story has also been called The Serpent, the Sword, and the Squire, The Exeter Conspiracy, The Wizard’s Plot, The Raider’s Coven, The Druid’s Conspiracy, and The Sorcerer’s Secret. However, for various reasons, none of these names was appropriate. If you have an idea or criticism feel free to comment.



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