robot 420So, I survived this competition. Unfortunately, Jeremiah wants to go shoot for the Inspire Award in North Carolina. I don’t think he’ll get very far. (Our team, FTC 420, got the Think Award; I’m rather satisfied.) There were some rather cool teams at the competition. I thought it was rather funny when Jeremiah had to go up against his role model team, FTC 3.

The main theme of my month, besides robotics, has been laundry. You could hide a small child in my heap of clothing. (You would be able to tell where a large child was in the heap.) I think my laundry has developed personality. Currently it is malicious, and I cannot find anything I need. Soon it will become affectionate and will cling with warmth that could only come from the fact the heating pipe runs under my closet floor. Eventually it will be jealous and I will begin to repel people.

Until that stage is reached, however, I am alleviated from the chore of putting it away especially because I may not have the space to put it all. Helpful too, it has been raining. Rain? We’ve been having a drought, but I woke last night to find that the rain was literally pounding on my window in sheets. It was kinda cool. Thunderstorms have lost your attention after age nine unless you get a big one. When you do have a big one, your impulse, rather than fear, is Look, there’s a big puddle; let’s jump in it!

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