(My Life is) Up in the Air

Today is special. I celebrate two years of blogging today. (Though my first attempt was really on April 22 2006)

Lots of stuff is in the air this week. For one, our neighbor has a swimming pool; and because stuff from half of our pines is getting in it, he’ll pay to take them down. Charming, no? So, those trees on the header: gone tomorrow. I was annoyed, I mean, the trees have been there since before his pool was built. They were here long before we moved in when I was three.

Meanwhile my younger sister, brother and I were over at said pool, swimming, when my younger sister slipped and cut her head. She’s okay, but it majorly scared me.

On the bright side, my church, which has been meeting in a school for two years, finally found a building to rent. Everything seems to be going ahead smoothly. This is a real blessing since we’ve had a nasty landlord in the past.

So, as you may imagine, I am a bit confused right now.

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